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  • How Browser Extensions Can Ruin Your Life March 19, 2019
    You may trust your browser, but do you trust what it’s running? At SecTor 2018, threat intelligence specialist Lilly Chalupowski demonstrated why you shouldn’t. Browser extensions are the small applications that your browser installs to provide extra features. These can do anything from translating web sites to letting you download videos from streaming sites. These […]
    Danny Bradbury
  • What Happens To Your Bitcoin After You Die? February 19, 2019
    Your last will and testament used to focus on things like physical property and cash in the bank. Now in a world of digital assets, that’s all changing. Jennifer Robertson should know. She was the partner of Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur Gerald Cotten. Cotten, who founded cryptocurrency exchange QuadricaCX, passed away in India in early December […]
    Danny Bradbury
  • SecTor 2019 CFP Selection Process January 22, 2019
    An update from Brian Bourne, director and co-founder of Black Arts Illuminated Inc. We are regularly asked how to have a talk accepted at SecTor. We strive to give every submission the diligence it deserves and as the conference has grown, we have moved from simple email submissions to a submission portal at The […]
    Mick O'Brien