CyberSecurity International Symposium in Chicago, Illinois, USA,
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The 2nd Annual CyberSecurity International Symposium, November 13-14, 2018 in Chicago is a focused Forum in which to network with leading cybersecurity professionals, innovators, enterprise CIOs and regulators who are on the front lines of securing critical business and infrastructure networks. The two-day, in-depth conference will examine the latest technologies for enhancing cybersecurity and reducing risk, as well as best practices and key lessons learned to date in the ever-evolving challenge to ensure end-to-end security for organizations of all varieties.

Topics to be addressed include:

– Evolution of cybersecurity threat: recent developments and trends
– Impact of cyber threat on businesses, government, and critical infrastructure
– Latest advances in cyber security technologies
– Implementation best practices and lessons learned
– Intersection of cyber and physical infrastructure security
– Assessing and monitoring risk effectively
– Effectively managing security incidents
– Key take-aways from recent cyber incidents
– Internet of Things (IoT) security implications across industries
– Current state of cybersecurity standards development
– Developing, coordinating, and implementing critical infrastructure policies
– Consequence-driven, Cyber-informed Engineering
– Situational awareness, common vulnerability analysis, and threat assessment
– Upgrading technology to meet evolving risks
– Building a culture of security
– Rapidly sharing threat, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies
– Securing the evolving distribution network

Start date: November 13, 2018
End date: November 14, 2018
Contact Information
Address: Chicago, Illinois, USA,

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