Blockchain Forum in Zürich, Switzerland,
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Blockchain Forum 2019 | Agenda
08.30 Registration and Welcome Coffee

Opening of the Blockchain Forum 2019
Damir Bogdan, Digitalization & Innovation Lead, Actvide

The International Financial Market Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
• How are cryptocurrencies regulated in other jurisdictions?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches compared to the Swiss    regulation
• What are the international trends?
Martin Liebi, Legal FS Regulatory & Compliance Services / Head Capital Markets, PwC

DLT & Blockchain in Switzerland: Financial Market Legal Framework
• „The regulators' view“
• Fields of application for DLT in the financial sector
• Financial market classification
• Need for action and outlook
Sarah Jungo, Lawyer and Arie Gerszt Deputy Head of Capital Markets and Infrastructure, Federal Department of Finance EFD, State Secretariat for International Financial Affairs SIF

10.45 Networking Break

Stable Coins – How to Reduce the High Volatility in Cryptocurrencies
• The challenge, cryptocurrencies show a very high volatility
• How can stable coins bring stability into the ecosystem
• What is the solution, Swiss Crypto Tokens is implementing and why
• What are use cases for stable coins
Armin Schmid, CEO, Swiss Crypto Tokens

Crypto Asset Custody: Managing the Interface Between Human & Technology
• How does safekeeping of crypto assets work?
• Swiss Crypto Vault's approach
• Case study – fund manager investing in crypto assets
Philipp Vonmoos, CEO, Swiss Crypto Vault

12.15 Networking Lunch

Bring Your Company into the Blockchain!
- When is Blockchain the right tool for my business ideas?
- How do I implement a blockchain project?
- "Dos and don'ts" from practice using concrete examples
Christian Di Giorgio, Senior Consultant and CTO, Inacta

Blockchain for Business:
Added Value and Challenges Using the Example of Car Dossier
• Basic concept and potential of "Blockchain for Business"
• Project presentation Car Dossier
• Lessons learned & Methodology
Tom Sprenger, CTO and Member of the Executive Board, AdNovum

15.00 Networking Break

An Operating System for the Financial Supply Chain
• Status Quo: Doing business the same as in a world before tech
• Open ecosystem with blockchain based OS
• First Use-Cases: invoice funding marketplaces, credit insurance offerings and deeper tier financing approaches
Maex Ament, CEO & Founder, Centrifuge, Germany

From the Franc to Bitcoin - Has our Currency Come to an End?
Prof. Dr. Aleksander Berentsen, University of Basel, Faculty of Business and Economics, Center for Innovative Finance

Summary of the Conference by Damir Bogdan

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Start date: January 21, 2019
End date: January 21, 2019
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Address: Zürich, Switzerland,

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