AI Conference in Moscow, Russia,
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Featuring the latest research in the data mining field, the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining is where you go to discover the bleeding edge of data science research. ICDM is primarily an academic conference with first-time presentations from PhD students as well as sessions led by full-time professors on original concepts and approaches.
If you love acronyms, you'll love this conference! That's because, as you can see on the 2017 program, each item on the schedule is preceded by its very own abbreviation. Acronyms aside, the 2017 agenda was chock full of interesting sessions including:
Workshops like "Data Mining in Networks" and "Data-driven Discovery of Models."
Tutorials on topics such as "Challenges and Solutions in Group Recommender Systems" and "Mining Cohorts & Patient Data: Challenges and Solutions for the Pre-Mining, the Mining and the Post-Mining Phases."
Sessions including "Text Mining" and "Pattern Mining and Structure Learning."
Keynotes by respected academics from the University of Chicago and Harvard.
There are a lot of benefits for students attending this event, but the biggest might be the opportunity to present at the PhD panel. The reception seems warm, a good place to start for students, with some major bonding moments with mentors.
Note that the IEEE ICDM event should not be confused with the Industrial Conference on Data Mining taking place in New York July 11-15.

Start date: November 22, 2018
End date: November 22, 2018
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Address: Moscow, Russia,

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